Frequently Asked Questions

Is the online directory secure?

Only you can access and update your personal information. Other registered users of the Seton Hall Law School Alumni Association can view your directory information via a password-protected login. Areas of the website containing private information are located on a secure server utilizing Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption. You can limit what information appears to other alumni by using the "Hide" checkboxes in your profile.

Can I remove my information from the directory?

You can choose to remove any or all contact information from the Online Directory. The only information that cannot be removed is your name, class year and degree information.

How much of my information can other alumni see?

You choose how much information you want other alumni to see. To keep members’ records as up-to-date as possible, we ask that you fill out all the fields. You can then click "Hide" which will hide information you wish from other alumni.

Can I set my own contact preferences?

You can choose your email, phone and address preferences. For example, you may wish for all emails to be directed to your personal email address, but you may prefer to receive mail at work instead of home. This option is located on the Preferred Contacts “Edit” page.

I see extra white space between information fields. Why is this?

This website, like most, responds to different internet browsers in different ways. It is best viewed in Internet Explorer. Other browsers, such as Firefox, might yield extra space around certain content (such as personal information in your Profile). This is not a functional difference -- just an aesthetic one.

I'm registered in the old alumni community, so can I keep the same username?

At first login, your old username (if you had one) will likely be pre-populated when the system asks you to set your credentials. You are welcome to keep your old username or create a new one.

What constraints are there for usernames and passwords? Can I make up anything I want?

The system places certain constraints on which characters can be used in usernames and passwords. You will need to use letters and numbers only. Spaces, punctuation marks and other special characters are not supported. Also, usernames and passwords must be at least four characters long.